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Don't Be Trash was established in February of 2019, but, it truly formed over a course of many years through several personal trial & errors, a blog, and a lot of research. All in the pursuit of intersecting the environmental movement with folks of color, demanding representation, prioritizing their needs being they are at higher risk of the repercussions associated with climate change and pollution as a whole.

We often forget that our local produce, stainless steel straws, and  100% organic cotton were all made and/or harvested by a person of color. Neglecting certain experiences and realities, unknowingly contributing to elitism.

Without assessing different communities of color that work to make the growing sustainable movement possible, we are actively practicing classism and discrediting communities that have been implementing sustainable methods for thousands of years, but, due to displacement, have adopted a different association.


And so, with everything new and trendy, it catches the attention of certain people. Typically people of affluence who have the means, accrediting them for something that wasn't their own to begin with. This is a significant flaw for the environmental movement that needs to be adjusted to make it truly impactful and sustainable. Hence, the name, Don't Be Trash. 



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